Royo - Mitica


Image of Royo - Mitica

Original Oil
36" x 40” Framed

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Originally sold through Mayfair's prestigious Halcyon Gallery of Bond Street, Mitica is widely considered to sit atop the very summit of Spanish master artist Royo's work.

Having spent the last 16 years as the crown jewel of one of the UK's leading private collections, the return or Mitica to the open market represents a rare opportunity to acquire a stunning piece of art history.

A significant work of great importance; essential for any serious collection.


Born in Valencia in 1941, Royo demonstrated an artistic talent from an early age.

Entering the San Carlos Royal Academy of Fine Arts at the age of 14, he continued his studies into his early twenties.

Drawing inspiration from such masters as Velasquez, Goya, Renoir, Monet and Corolla, Royo began to exhibit, specifically in Lisbon, Madrid and Barcelona.

With positive reception of his works in Madrid, Royo received commissions to paint the royal portraits of King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia. Receiving subsequent commissions to paint the Judges of the High Magistrature and the Court of Justice, he would go on to paint many prominent political and society figures.

Described as a "painter of the light", Royo's masterful treatment of his subjects is both haunting and mysterious, yet full of raw power. The sweeping brush strokes, bold swaths of colour and heavy impasto capture the eye and draws one inward, conveying not merely image, but mood and atmosphere as well.

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Image of Royo - Mitica