Miguel Piedro - Bosque En Otono


Image of Miguel Piedro - Bosque En Otono

Original Oil
28" x 35” Framed

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Born in Alicante, Spain in 1950, Miguel Piedro initially trained at a private studio alongside celebrated Spanish artists Alex Alemany, Juan Ferri and Vincente Moya.

An admiration for both technique and nature translates eloquently onto canvas through Piedro’s use of delicate brushstrokes and thick layers of paint.

He holds a special sensibility and awareness toward the natural world that clearly resonates through his ability to capture light. His choice of the panoramic format accentuates the vastness of landscape and invites the viewer to partake in the artist’s vision.

Upon viewing Peidro’s work, one cannot help but get caught in the quiet and meditative portrayals of his landscapes. Light and reflection are signature aspects in his paintings.

Miguel Peidro’s work has been extensively exhibited and collected throughout Europe, the United States, Portugal and China, including exhibiting at the Time Arts Museum in Beijing.

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Image of Miguel Piedro - Bosque En Otono