Juirey Ohremovich - Black Rocks At Yalta


Image of Juirey Ohremovich - Black Rocks At Yalta

Original Oil
32" x 42" Framed

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Artist Juirey Ohremovich was born in 1956 in what is now the Ukrainian Black Sea Port of Sevastopol.

While still part of the Soviet Union, admission to an art academy was extremely competitive, requiring previous training at an art school or college.

Ohremovich's official training would last six years; the first five designed to challenge and refine his already accomplished technique. The sixth to producing a sizable, thematic "final" painting.

After graduation Ohremovich worked as a painter and designer in Kharkov.

His original paintings reveal an artist at the peak of his powers; able to capture the constantly changing sunlight on the Black Sea, on whose shores he grew up.

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Image of Juirey Ohremovich - Black Rocks At Yalta