J.M. Reyes - Grapes I


Image of J.M. Reyes - Grapes I

Original Oil
28" x 32” Framed

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Spanish artist J.M. Reyes has earned a reputation for his avant-garde approach to still life.

Extreme close-ups and a luminous, iridescent quality are all hallmarks of his unique style; his subjects appear as radiant, exotic jewels, inviting admirers of both traditional and contemporary art to place themselves in the artists hands.

Many collectors may have already encountered his talent; commissioned by Jerez, the home of sherry, the paintings of Reyes adorned the Spanish city as part of its celebration as the European City of Wine in 2014.

Reyes work is pure, warm, continental soul; intoxicating strokes depicting ripe fruit from sun-baked soil, with exhibitions across Spain and Portugal, including Barcelona, Seville, Lisbon and Sintra.

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Image of J.M. Reyes - Grapes I